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About Luis

Luis Zavaleta is a commercial music/entertainment portrait photographer based in Los Angeles and Mexico City. He graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Songwriting major while spending his spare time on digital media production. 


His work has been displayed in international magazines such as CSART, thai Voice, Afrique Magazine, Life Magazine and have photographed stars such as Nella Rojas, Myra Molloy, Daniela Aedo, Camila Fernández, Anna Iriyama, Marco Mares, Nicole Zignago, Güido Laris, Migrant Motel, Guillermo Blanco, Twisty Troy, Naïka, and Lolita de Sola, to name a few. 


He has directed several music videos and has collaborated in the visual design, branding, album cover, merchandise, and digital art for over a hundred musicians worldwide. 

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